Digital Marketing by Cube Squared Technologies Ltd

The tools and practices to drive online traffic to your business. We can improve search engine rankings with SEO, provide you with tools to advertise online, and the knowledge to use them.

What Digital Marketing Means

Digital marketing is where, Cube Squared Technologies Ltd, preps and secures the code to hold as much vital and important SEO work as possible.

  • Meta Tag development
  • Google Anayltics implementation
  • Registered with Google, Bing and other search engines
  • Optimised Images throught the website
  • Optimised content
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Cube Squared Technologies Ltd Google Anayltics
Cube Squared Technologies Ltd SEO Developemt Work

How Does All That Help?

Google and its indexing algorithm is quite an enigma, but with indepth research completed by Cube Squared Technologies Ltd, we know and understand what needs to be on a website inorder for it to get the best chance of getting indexed by Googles Search engine.

However, it is a 2 way street. Once we have implemented everything we can, with a decent website title and description and registering where it needs to be registered, then its getting traffic going to your new website.

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Social Media Presence

Having a Social Media presence online along side your website is important. The way the world works, everyone will initially use Facebook or Instagram to ensure that Customer - Business communication, but it should go hand in had with a website, that will effectivly show you and your brand off properly. As easy as it is to set up a Business page on Facebook, you are restricted to the overall branding of your chosen Social Media Profile.

Once you have a plan and established your Social Media Prescence just make sure that you have links that will then take your customers back to your website. The higher the traffic goes to your website, the quicker Google will recognise your new website as being vtail to certain serach results and begin to show more and more of your website in the total search results.

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Cube Squared Technologies Ltd Importance of Redirecting back to your website